About this item Disposable Bed Sheet Size : 31 x 80 inches (78 x 200 cm) Pre-cut and individual folded bed sheet Easy to use and gets rid of unnecessary laundry.   Size PACK OF 25Advantages Of Disposable Bed Sheets


  • Disposable bed sheets cost less than washing, ironing normal bed sheets
  • As the name suggest it can be disposed off after one time use.
  • Save money because they are available at very less price and affordable to every pocket.
  • Free from the worries washing, drying, ironing and transporting, if you calculate the cost of washing, ironing and transport at this cost you will get a new disposable bed sheet.
  • Saves time.
  • Maintain cleanliness, hygienic, and free from the virus.
  • If you have kids who make bed wetting then disposable bed sheet is the best choice.
  • If you have elderly person and difficulty in moments, then you can opt for disposable bed sheets.
  • If you are very busy person and don’t have time to wash dry iron and arrange then the best choice will be disposable bed sheets.


  • Not easily available at every place but you can buy online from here.
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Where We Can Use Disposable Bed Sheets

The best quality disposable bed sheets are an innovative product used at Covid centers, Hotels, Hostels, Hospitals, Spa, Beauty parlor, travels, for the patients getting treatment at home and many more places.

Disposable Bed Sheets Fabric

Disposable bed sheets are made of non – woven fabric, and in some special cases the disposable bed sheets come with waterproof and oil proof, but normally these are just available non – woven fabric.

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