Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet FABRIC Disposable Bed Sheet (Single, Blue, 48 X 80 Inch) – Pack of 10

Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet


Skywalker Non-Woven FABRIC Disposable Bed Sheet (Single, Blue, 48 X 80 Inch) - Pack of 10

Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet


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Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet Brand        

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  • Colour: Medical Blue ..Pack of 10
  • Size : 48 *80 inches/ 120 *200 cm..GSM:30
  • Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, it is soft, tasteless, professionally disinfected and has no irritation to the skin. Please use these with confidence!
  • Very lightweight, breathable but strong disposable sheets, It can effectively avoid cross-contamination, be safer and more sanitary, which more worthy of your customers’ trust.
  • It is good for patients in hospitals, clinics, and widely used in operation rooms, laboratory rooms, as well as theatre rooms.

  • Size Single
    Colour Blue
    Thread count 10
    Brand Skywalker


Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet has become the talk of the town nowadays, earlier no one was interested in knowing about skywalker brand disposable bed sheet, since the covid 19.

It has become the necessity and hot selling product, the fact is we can’t ignore that normal bed sheet are not safe to reuse, hence everyone is using the Skywalker  Bed Sheet.

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Covid 19 and Skywalker Disposable Bed Sheet

We all know that now due to covid 19 if a virus is remaining on the bed sheet, it will be dangerous to the patients as well as other surrounding people and the people involved in the laundry.

One more fact is these disposable bed sheets are most affordable for the common man.

Every bed should have a disposable bed sheet because it is saving our time and money if we send it to the laundry it will be time consuming and it will incur much more amount than the disposable bed sheet.

Skywalker  bed sheet with the required size, like this Skywalker bed sheets are gaining popularity.

Skywalker in an advance company providing disposable bed sheet to Covid 19 patients who are admitted in the hospital’s special beds, patients who are kept under observation  in the intensive care units, or even used in the domestic purpose because of it’s affordability and, due to this fact, finding that their sleep bureaucracy.

The upshot is that afterwards these disposable bed-sheets are important in the fight against covid 19  the beauty is use and through turmoil, the mattress industry is suddenly flourishing right through an epidemic that has reoriented individuals’ budgets.

It is a good time to be in the mattress company, spoke of many people of mattress brand and manufacturers.

Bottom line is the disposable bed sheet is need of the hour.

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