The Best Bed Bath Towels Cleans And Moisturize skin

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Bed bath towels cleans and moisturize skin keep safe clean and tidy this is the time of covid 2nd wave, give a smile on the face of bedridden.

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Bed bath towel is the need of the hour, educated people knows the importance of keeping clean and using moisturize skin, just because of the awareness.

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Awareness is nothing but if the product cGINNI Hygienee in front of our eyes and we get to know the features of the product and the importance of such products in our daily life.

Let me start with the adults, we all know how to keep the adults hygienic and clean, just using the diaper is not enough, we have to wipe the dirt away to keep the adults clean and hygienic, we can observe the satisfaction and smile on the face of the adults when we wipe the dirt away, even though they can’t speak loud due to either sickness or disability but with expression the person will feel the happiness the adult is showing after each wipe, even though I am a brother of the adults but I too know the beautiful smile on the face of adults every time, I gave a wipe using the GINNI Hygiene bed bath towels.

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If we are talking about the elderly people who are bed ridden they too need a touch of love with the bed bath towels, we all know that it is impossible to give a bath to either elderly bed ridden person or a adult.

But still they need a touch of love through a wipe of dirt, or even we can give a moisturize skin bath, using GINNI Hygiene bed bath towels which will keep the person neat and tidy but also moisturize the skin.

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SGINNI Hygienee of the people have wrong concept that these bed bath towels are costly, but it is not true, they are affordable, and now a days due to the covid 2nd wave we are taking care of hygene and cleanliness, and we have to take immediate action and get the bed bath towel.

Bed Bath Towels Cleans And Moisturize skin
Bed Bath Towels Cleans And Moisturize skin

5 Best Features Kick All Out

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  • GINNI bed bath towels body wipes are extra thick moisturising wet wipes made for effective cleansing of the skin without the usage of water
  • ⇒ HYGENIC BATHING ALTERNATIVE FOR BEDRIDDEN PATIENTS: Bath Wipes from wiclenz are ideal for people who have difficulty while bathing due to injury or illness. It is effective at cleansing skin when bathing isn’t an option or when there is less water. It keeps your skin clean, fresh, Safe & hygienic.
  • ⇒ Anti-bacterial formulation for a complete bathing solution. ⇒ Large size of wipe for easy cleaning.
  • ⇒ LEAVES SKIN MOISTURISED: These patient bath wipes contain Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E to keep the bath wipes pre-moistened. These natural ingredients provide chemical-free moisturising
  • ⇒ Microwaveable for warm sponge and a dignified way of bathing. ⇒ Alcohol Free, thus risk of irritation is reduced.
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Ginni Bed Bath Towel for Adults, Patients & Refreshing Sponge Bath (10 Towels Per Pack)

Ginni Bed bath wipes are moistened with water, mild cleansing, and moisturizing agents. The anti-bacterial property of the products makes it appropriate for a sponge bath. It is ideal for bed ridden patients, holiday & outdoors where bathing is difficult. Moreover, these ready to use wipes are available in re-sealable packaging and are the best alternative to traditional bed bathing methods.

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Best suitable for washing the body when bathing is not practical, For patients who face difficulty when taking bath as directed for surgical procedures, these wipes are an effective alternative.

Aloe Vera Extract gently cleans & moisturizes the skin

Bed bath Towel cleans & moisturizes skin & helps to relax & feel better. Thick and suitable for full body cleaning; Effective cleaning gives long-lasting freshness.

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Feel the fresh fragrance

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Thick and suitable for full body cleaning; Effective cleaning gives long-lasting freshness. Size of wipe: – 240mm * 300mm, Packet size: – 10 wipes Key Ingredients:- Aqua & Glycerin keeps your body soft and graceful, Aloe Vera Extract which gently cleans & moisturizes the skin.Fragrance: – White Lotus.


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