June 14, 2021

Paper Plates, Biodegradable, Ecofriendly, Safe & Hygienic Disposable

ECOWARE Paper plates

First let me tell you the advantages of paper plates, we all know how the virus pass from one person to another, it just need a connection either it is a direct connection or indirect connections.

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Hence when we are treating a covid patent then we can take these steps carefully, we have to keep in mind that the maximum things we have to use here are one time use, and the best example is paper plates.

Another advantage is the paper plates will be cheaper and affordable to everyone, now due to lockdown we are in difficulty to buy such products offline and hence I am providing the best source to procure the   paper plates.

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When we are buying something we will keep in mind some important points such as the product should be best quality, affordable, branded, people are liking this product we can know this through watching the reviews, even by watching reviews we will come to know the pro and cons of the product hence I highly recommend you to watch the reviews of some more brands, but I referring the above product you can consider that too but it is my research and opinion, we have gathered the information by manually watching each product but still you can do the same.

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I have read about the same product I have given in this content, comparatively this product has the best reviews and the beauty of the product is that I am using this product since some time.

The cons of the products are this product can be used only one time and then you have to dispose it off.

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The pros are the product is of the best quality, and best branded and cheapest price in the market with this best quality.

Paper Plates, Biodegradable, Ecofriendly, Safe & Hygienic Disposable

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Another very important point I forget to mention here is that these paper plates are eco-friendly it means they get degradable in the soil.

I will clarify this point here, we all know that we have to use the product which dissolves in the soil.

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And remains a nitrogen cycle and keep the earth a safe place for our children to live long on this earth.

Everyone is aware of global warming and the problems of ground water, to keep everything intact we have to act properly and use this eco friendly paper plates.

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info graphic features, Paper Plates, Biodegradable, Ecofriendly, Safe & Hygienic Disposable

EAT WITH PURPOSE: When you serve foods in compostable plates made of crop fibers, you are assured of using a 100% natural product.

These environmentally friendly products are healthier for your guests and for the planet.

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These Plates contain no plastic or wax lining, are microwavable and freezable.

They can be used for both hot and cold items, while being oil and cut resistant, offering reliable strength and support for most foods.
50 PIECE SET: Includes 50 pieces of our organic, disposable 7 inch Round Plate (Small size), Oil and water proof, Bio Sugarcane plates let you serve light or heavier foods with confidence.

COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE: Ecoware compostable serving plates are fully disposable and environmentally conscious.

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These generously sized plates allow you to host a large event totally plastic free and enjoy fast, guilt free clean up afterwards.

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: All Ecoware products are freezer and microwave friendly, these sturdy disposable plates are perfect for any occasion.

Our products are certified to sustain temperatures from (-20) to (+140) C. Their undyed appearance complements birthday parties, picnics, poojas, special events or just everyday household use.

CERTIFIED: Ecoware is fully certified for your peace of mind, our sustainable plates adhere to all organic products protocols.

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Completely tree free and plastic free, they compost within 100 days and never leach harmful residues into the soil.

Ecoware conform to ISO 17088 standards as certified by CIPET, India. For use in Europe, Ecoware conforms to EN 13432 standards. For use in the United States and elsewhere, Ecoware conforms to ASTM D6400 standards. All our products are 100% PFAS free.

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