August 8, 2021

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My Personal Experience of Disposable Coffee Cup, at Lowest Price.

The Best disposable cup: – I am single mother of 7 year old boy and I have habit of drinking coffee very often, and the biggest problem is washing the used cup more frequently, but I am economic graduate and I calculate every bit of expenses.

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I thought if I am using washing liquid for such again and again and using the my calculation I just found that in the same expense I can use the disposable cup for coffee, advantages will be not washing more frequent and once and disposing it off, but again I thought it may be wrong to use plastic again and again hence I decided to use ecofriendly disposable cup for coffee.

I am very happy with the product, if I get a chance to give review stars then I am ready to give 5 stars without second thought, because this cup is really very strong and perfect calculated amount of coffee it can bear.

I really love this product and refer this product to all, the best points are very low cost, very strong, we can use them for microwave, we can put hot water or milk in this, and the beauty is degradable and we can avoid the use of plastic.

Description of disposable cup

Ecoware products are the healthy solution to your everyday consumption choices. Our natural and biodegradable products are made from renewable resources, require less energy and water to produce and help reduce pollution and waste. Ecoware offers a “No Mess, No Stress” solution by providing an elegant tableware option for all occasions.

Disposable Cup, Ecoware, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Ecofriendly,Buy Now On Amazon

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Friend to the Environment

We created Ecoware to be beneficial to the environment. You can dispose our products either in a commercial composting facility or simply in your backyard. Either way it will break up naturally. Ecoware is an easy, simple and effective solution to single-use plastic disposables.

Certified Safe.

Ecoware is a certified USDA Bio-based tableware company*. This means all Ecoware products contain only plant biomass and nothing else. It is natural and is a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials such as plastic, aluminium, Styrofoam or paper with petroleum-based lining. Ecoware is Food Contact Safe certified** allowing it to be used for all foods types. Ecoware prevents the spread of bacteria and viral infection by virtue of being a ‘use-and-throw’ product. There is no threat of surface contamination.

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* Certified Feb 24, 2020 by Beta Analytics, Inc.

** Certified Dec 31, 2018 by Intertek

All the Goodness in one Cup

Highly versatile, strong, and cut-resistant, these sustainable disposable Cups keep the spotlight on your next meal. Great for all occasions, such as office lunch/dinner, birthday party, family gathering, BBQ cook out, etc.

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Pair It with a Partner

Why not pair our Cups with the Ecoware 240 ml round Bowl and 12″ large Plates to complete a serving set? Or if you are celebrating a Birthday, then consider pairing it with a 7″ Small Plate. Use either tableware setting for home or large catering events.

Proudly Made in India

All Ecoware products are proudly made in India using only local raw materials and resources. We procure from local businesses thereby strengthening the MSME sector in India.

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  • 50 PIECE SET: Includes 50 pieces of our organic, disposable cups measuring 220 ml (Medium size), Oil and water proof, Bio Sugarcane Cups let you serve light or heavier beverages with confidence.
  • EAT WITH PURPOSE: When you serve beverages in compostable Cups made of crop fibers, you are assured of using a 100% natural product. These environmentally friendly products are healthier for your guests and for the planet. These Cups contain no plastic or wax lining, are microwavable and freezable. They can be used for both hot and cold items, while being oil and cut resistant, offering reliable strength and support for most foods.
  • COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE: Ecoware compostable serving cups are fully disposable and environmentally conscious. These generously sized cups allow you to host a large event totally plastic free and enjoy fast, guilt free clean up afterwards.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: All Ecoware products are freezer and microwave friendly, these sturdy disposable cups are perfect for any occasion. Our products are certified to sustain temperatures from (-20) to (+140) C. Their undyed appearance complements birthday parties, picnics, poojas, special events or just everyday household use.
  • CERTIFIED: Ecoware is fully certified for your peace of mind, our sustainable cups adhere to all organic products protocols. Completely tree free and plastic free, they compost within 100 days and never leach harmful residues into the soil. Ecoware conform to ISO 17088 standards as certified by CIPET, India. For use in Europe, Ecoware conforms to EN 13432 standards. For use in the United States and elsewhere, Ecoware conforms to ASTM D6400 standards. All our products are 100% PFAS free.
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