Disposable Shoe Cover Nonwoven – For Home, Office, Clinic, Workplace

MEDI KARMA Ankle length disposable shoe cover – For Home, Office, Clinic, Workplace (Free Size, Blue) (100)

My brother is a surgeon n professor and he utilizes disposable shoe covers in the surgical department, he exhortation me to utilize them for the kitchen and after around a month I am using, in this month I used various brands however presently I have settled on this brand items MEDI KARMA.

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Simply the explanation is straightforward the quality is exceptionally decent, my cooking works takes around 1 hour 45 minutes roughly and I wear this for the kitchen just, some different brands I used however they were torn off or removed inside this time yet this brand is quite pleasant.

The material is nonslippery strong, durable, and tough, I regularly incline toward blue tone, you can discover in my pantry the majority of my dress is blue tone, now and again my significant other says you love the blue tone and presently you got blue shading shoe cover, and he says I fortunate.

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I accept I am fortunate because I am ready to choose the best quality expendable disposable shoe cover at a low price I never envision, I concur some different brands are selling at a lower cost however we need to think twice about the quality.

Be that as it may, this item is quite pleasant, But this product is very nice, whenever I am writing reviews I experience then only I will write because what I believe is misguiding is cheating and I hate cheating.


Disposable Shoe Cover Nonwoven - For Home, Office, Clinic, Workplace
Disposable Shoe Cover Nonwoven – For Home, Office, Clinic, Workplace

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My companions say that these are intended for a careful reason and they say I am simply insane, now and again I accept I am insane and I wear them since I love to stay flawless and clean, for this I am prepared to listen I am insane.

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To be practical since one month I am utilizing and I can’t compose more insight regarding this item, the best part is we are getting this load of items in India, first time when I listen to disposable shoe covers in India I figured we may not get yet when I looked through online then I discovered many brands yet this brand is the awesome I am figuring I will stay joined to this item MEDI KARMA.


  • Number of Items: 100 Pieces (50 Pair), 200 Pieces (100 Pair), 300 Pieces (150 Pair), 400 Pieces (200 Pair), 500 Pieces (250 Pair)
  • Non-Slip, Safe, Durable, and Water Resistant
  • One size fits most sizes and styles of footwear
  • Protect your floor and environment
  • This is a non-surgical product and should not be used in surgical or high-risk situations, where Level 3 or 4 protection is warranted, where there is a high risk of contact with liquids or infectious materials, or in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas.

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