August 13, 2021

Best Sanitary Disposable Bags and Pads Available In India

Anandi Pads – Certified Organic, Compostable & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads with Disposable Bags (15 XL Pads)

Since long time I am using same brand sanitary disposable bags, but later I found out this product I just wanted to test for some days I just ordered online, and just next day I received it the delivery is super fast.

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I am skeptical till I used it for the first time, the quality is really perfect the reason is simple that this product is biodegradable.

Most of the plastics are degradable but the difference is with time it takes to degrade, some will be degraded within 12 weeks and some may take longer than 90 days.

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Some people will confuse you by the names oxo-degradable, biodegradable, and compostable.

As the name speaks louder bio-plastic means the product is made from the biomass, it is so simple, but still confusing right.

Our purpose is to keep the surrounding clean safe, personal hygiene and material should not reach the mouth of animals, or harm the nature in any form either it is oxo-degradable or biodegradable or compostable whatever it may be the product should not harm us or animals, keeping in mind this product is made.

Best, Sanitary Disposable Bags and Pads Available In India

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This knowledge comes only if we all are educated and we educate our children, we have to educate them how compostable product degrade in soil or water, and how some material harm the nature either animal or the plants around us.

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Some people argue that I am not a science background how I can educate my children about all this, the answer is very simple, the knowledge is in abundance around us we can read this on google and explain them, here I am writing about the product hence I cannot explain in details about the difference.

Well this product is perfect for me because the size is also as per my requirement, we can dispose them safe, and one more biggest advantage is that this product is at best affordable price.

The best

Beautiful Features of Sanitary Pads and Bags

  • India’s 1st & only Govt. of India lab-certified fully compostable pads – become part of the soil & manure within 3-6 months in composting conditions.
  • GOTS certified 100% organic cotton top layer with unique wetness reducing treatment
  • ISO Certified fully compostable Industry 1st plant-based Bio-SAP Sheet for high absorbency
  • Ultra-thin pads with multi-layers protection (side-walls for extra leak-proof), naturally breathable back layer which allows air to pass through
  • Verified product: ISO-17088 certified, follows BIS (Govt. of India), US-FDA norms

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Sanitary Disposable Bags

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