October 15, 2021

These Linen Bed Sheets Have Such A Nice Luxurious Texture.

The Best Linen Bed Sheets

Regarding the linen bed sheets review, I waited around 6 months or so I bought it in the month of April 27th, 2021 before writing this review, because I wanted to see how they remain stood up after use.

Linen is the product of plant flax, this is the beauty of product and linen is the oldest material used to make the fabric, because of it’s strength, the only problem is the product is a bit crisp.

I don’t. I spread linen bed sheet all the time on my bed and sleep, so I knew what I was getting into in terms of feel and care and benefits.

I will recommend buying some linen bed sheets in your wardrobe before investing fully in linen bed sheets.

If you like the touch of linen and enjoy the touching feel of the weave and can embrace the imperfections of wrinkles, then these are resoundingly perfect for you.

I use it on some special occasions, such as Dewali or some festivals, my bed sheet linen never sees the inside of a dryer, and with these sheets it’s no different.

I wash them in the washer on a regular basis and then I hang them indoors to dry.
Linen dries on the quicker when the air is dry or sometimes moist, this is the beauty I rally love so if I wash my sheets in the morning, they’re ready to go by nightfall.

So far I haven’t seen a single rip or tear in the bed sheet, I feel the beauty of linen.
In summer warm weather; these sheets will keep you dry. When it’s cool, these sheets will keep you warm.

If your area is cold, you should probably buy a down or wool blanket for additional cover, or solapur bed sheet also works good, because linen can only do so much.

So far, I’m very pleased with the uniqueness of these linen bed sheets.
The bed sheets product are great, have a nice texture and feel good against my skin. Nice weight for sheet alone, and still enough cover as the night cools.

The beauty of linen is washing is easy and fine and dried on the line without much wrinkling.

If you are looking for some marriage function or for Diwali nights which you need shiny these are for you, but if you want luxury like a fine spa buy them now.

There is no doubt these bed sheet are absolutely beautiful and extremely well made.

The finishing are very nice and pillow cases are perfectly sized. Sometimes I washed with baking soda to soften them up a little before using and it worked well, but this is my research you need not try.

So far have been very pleased and happy, I agree linen is not for everyone, folk have different sensitivities, and some may find it too rough and non favorable or sometimes scratchy for some irritant skin.

I feel they may continue to soften up with continued use and washing. They are absolutely lovely! Seem a lot better made than what they cost so and they are affordable, I will definitely be buying some more of these.

Linen Bed Sheets, LORETO – A QUALITY LINEN BRAND 144 TC 100% Cotton King Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers, Yellow and Grey, Polka

LORETO – A QUALITY LINEN BRAND 144 TC 100% Cotton King Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers, Yellow and Grey, Polka

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Some Beautiful Features

  • Colour : Yellow & Grey, Size Name: King
  • Material: Cotton, Thread Count : 144
  • Package Contents: 1 Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash or hand wash cold, Do not tumble Dry, Do not use strong detergent, Do not soak for long time, Do not bleach, Do not dry clean, Iron steam or Dry at low heat, Dry in weak sun
  • Bedsheet Size: 108×108 inch or 275×275 cm, Pillow Cover: 17×27 inch or 43 cm x 69 cm

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