October 20, 2021

Portico Bedsheets, I Just Found The Superior Quality Branded Bedsheets

Review of The Best Superior Quality Bedsheets Now In India

Portico bedsheets, let me start this review with my experience, recently my aunt visited India from US, this time her luggage was bulky, I asked her what happen then she explained that due to covid 19, she don’t want to take any chance by using products which actually directly come in contact with us, hence she said she brought her, bed sheets and most of the things which she is using in the US.

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And while talking to me she spread the bed sheet and just with the first site I asked her, oh so beautiful bed sheet, then she said, these are very famous in the US, and she said these are now available even in India then immediately I started browsing, she said the brand of the product name is portico bedsheets.

First time I heard this name, and I asked her what are the other positive points of these portico bedsheets, then she said you can just touch and feel the quality of these portico bedsheets.

I just got astonished with the super soft quality and perfect finishing, and as per my aunt this brand is very famous at US.

Dear friends you all know me I am very particular with buying things and you all know that I am super picky in selecting the things particularly picking a good quality bedsheet.

Then after browsing for some time I found this brand, portico bedsheets even in India, which make me very happy.

Portico bedsheets not only met my expectations but they exceeded, I always try to buy the best standard products.

Portico bedsheets, New York New Happiness Collection Double Size Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers - (100% Cotton, Queen Size Multicolor)

Portico New York New Happiness Collection Double Size Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers – (100% Cotton, Queen Size Multicolor)

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By the time I am writing this review, I have washed them thrice, and thank god nothing has changed nor texture and shape also remain the same.

Just today I again ordered one more set, now I am in love with the portico bedsheets, the reason is simple I love the best quality products.

The cotton used is of highest standard, international brand, tested brand, famous brand portico bedsheets, I don’t know much about the thread count or anything else, I just love to use them because I am in love with this brand portico bedsheets.

I just iron the whole set, to feel the crisp and feeling as if these are new again, clean look and mental satisfaction.

I will defiantly update this post after couple of months so that you all get to know inner story of these portico bedsheets, I am very particular with writing the correct information, if I feel there is some issue even it may be very tinny but I will write the details.

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So that I respect my blog post readers, and I never like to disappoint the regular readers of my website, and I want to give the best information.

The bottom line is fantastic portico bedsheets.

The fabric used is very soft and smooth and feels the touch of extremely luxurious.

This time I have bought light blue, but next time I want to buy white color bedsheets, I feel this color is very cool.

I am using a regular mattress, in addition to mattress cover, along with some foam topper, and the portico bedsheets is able to hide all of that.

Last night I slept very nice and deep sleep, I am not directly saying that due to the portico bedsheets, but I feel it played an important role.

My wife is rough sleeper but she also slept well on this bedsheets, these bed sheets are also called budget bed sheets, because they come at affordable price.

The size of portico bedsheets is also perfect to the Indian slandered mattress, before I thought if they shrink then I will be in trouble but thank god nothing such thing I experienced.

Even my friends reaction was the same “ wonderful bedsheets”, I felt happy with this comment and felt some sort of satisfaction that I bought the perfect product even though my aunt has advised me.

Beautiful Features Of Bedsheets

  • Package Contents: 1N Double Bedsheet Box Packing with 2N Pillow Cover
  • Material: 100% Cotton, Thread Count: 210 TC
  • Size: Bedsheet – Double 1 Bedsheet – 224 X 254 cms
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, Wash dark color separately, Do not bleach, Tumble dry normal low heat, Iron medium
  • Fade resistant bedsheet
  • Color -Multicolor
  • Comfortable and Soft Every season use

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