January 26, 2022

The Best Branded Disposable Glass

PARICOTT Glass – Pack Of 100 Pieces, Multicolor, 200 ML

My favorite disposable glass are, PARICOTT Paper Glasses – Pack Of 100 Pieces, Multicolor, 200 ML, the reason is very simple, I used most of the brands from different places but after using this brand paper glasses I never look back, since very long time I am using this brand products.

Before when I used other brands I had to compromise with the quality, and I use to get some couple of defective glasses, such as after poring hot or cold some bristals use to appear, some brands develop leakage, some brands are very thin and when we hold them they will change the shape and in some worst cases I use to get the glasses if I hold then they will open and all the content will fall on my pants.

Since I am using the paricott paper glasses I never face such problems, I can use all the 100 pieces of disposable glass.

The beauty of the product is that they are at best affordable price, and if we calculate the number of count divided by the price it will be cheaper than washing the reusable glasses, in addition to the loss of precious tap water.

Another beauty of the product is the delivery normally I have observed these glasses reach us before time which is just awesome service by the company.

Hence I love these disposable glasses, and I am confident once you start using you will also fall in love with this brand products.

My requirement normally twice a month I order for my office and for my home, since I am bringing these at home my wife is very happy, she says for kitty party every month she needs them.

The bottom line and the features you can zoom out here

Disposable Glass - Pack Of 100 Pieces, Multicolor, 200 ML

PARICOTT Paper Glasses – Pack Of 100 Pieces, Multicolor, 200 ML

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Food Grade Paper Quality Used.
Paricott 200ml Printed Disposable Cups are Hygienic In Nature.
Brighten up your table setting with our Paper Cups!
This Strong & Resistance To Heat Cups Are Good For Hot As Well As For Cold Drinks.
Elegant & Versatile decor. Use with multiple party themes.

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