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The Best Quality Paper Bags At Affordable Price

Paper Bags, now due to the ban on plastic bags, the best option to switch over is paper bags, paper bags are affordable and very cheap, and easy to carry, every store is now using these bags, and this is called the smooth transition from plastic bags to paper bags.

Important points are in red

Now the point comes is many people are making bags but many of them are not properly closed or we can say not properly application of gum has taken place due to which if little more weight is added then they will open up and it will be embracement for both the shop keeper and the customer.

Hence I am giving this review to make you aware of the best product in the market, we bought these bags regularly and have found that they are strong enough and we can just depend upon this product.

The quality of the product depends upon only two things: the best quality paper and the quality of gum and enough amount of gum used in this product to make the paper bags durable and strong.

The intention of banning plastic bags is very clear, the plastic bags are not degradable and spoil the ecosystem, such as they will remain for a very long time in the soil and the ground water is becoming poisonous due to the chemicals in the plastic.

The best initiative

The government has taken a serious step to save our children’s future, the intention is purely the best for our next generation.

We all know that due to plastic waste cancer like many decease is on the rise and until we check this type of product our health is at risk, we all should respect the best initiative and use the best degradable paper bags, but we can select the best product depending upon the availability and demand and the affordability.

Many people just focus only on price but in turn, they will face difficulty at the time of use, if the cheap products are nonusable then the intent of buying the bags is not achieved.

The bags I am talking about come in 5 different sizes, with the best finishing and better look, with durability and they are affordable and easy to order.

4.5 X 7-inch

5.5 X 8.5-inch

7.5 X 9.5-inch

8.5 X 11-inch

10.5 X 15-inch

The pricing is very simple you can order any size but the pricing is on a kg basis, the product is very famous in the market because many people have found that these bags are affordable and strong.

This standard size makes the shop and customer easily decide the product upon the minimizing the wastage of even paper, if a person buys a small number of products from the shop they can use the small bags and if a customer buys little more then they can use accordingly and again save the wastage of paper.

The best quality paper and the gum make this product the best, rest other bags resemble the same but at the time of use, we can find the beauty of the product.

The user-friendly affordable and best-size bags have many uses, the fruit shop people find it easy to use the grocery shops people find this product is the best because of its durability.

Angel Paper Bags (Brown, 4.5 X 7-inch) Pack of 265 Pcs, Pack of Weight 1kg, GSM 60, Bf 20 Eco Friendly Biodegradable

Angel Paper Bags (Brown, 4.5 X 7-inch) Pack of 265 Pcs, Pack of Weight 1kg, GSM 60, Bf 20 Eco Friendly Biodegradable
Angel Paper Bags (Brown, 4.5 X 7-inch) Pack of 265 Pcs, Pack of Weight 1kg, GSM 60, Bf 20 Eco-Friendly Biodegradable

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About this item
Craft paper flat merchandise bags Made from standard brown Kraft paper
Perfect for candy buffets, party favors, merchandise, craft fairs
Bags have serrated ends making them easy to open
Perfect for party favors, small gifts, boutique merchandise
Perfect for sweet shops’ grocery

Manufacturer ‎BIG B PLANET
Cover Material ‎Paper
Material ‎Paper
Manufacturer Part Number ‎
Manufacturer ‎BIG B PLANET
Country of Origin ‎India
Additional Information
Item Weight 1 kg

The cons of paper bags are not many

If the use of paper bags is for the wet product there are chances of breaking so the paper bags can be used only for dry products.

If the quantity of product we use is more than the paper bags can bear then there are chances of breaking down.

Some places qaulity of the product is very important and at some places quantity matters but here you are getting both.

In some places people do not care about the quality of the material, the reason is that those items will be used only once and most of the time the item is used on some function or occasion, by then they forget about the product. go. They really need the next team.

Paper bags also come under such items, but nowadays the awareness of global warming and the horrors of water and the problems of groundwater have pushed the scientist on the heels, they are struggling to maintain cleanliness and plastic use has also increased.



Paper Bags


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